Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sorry I haven't been on in a while but I haven't had much going on. Except...James got me the Rebel T3i for Christmas!! It was supposed to be a surprise for Christmas but it was sadly ruined when we were filming a Batman skit for Glazelife and his mom called. She put her on speaker phone and the first thing she says is "Her camera came in." So he was upset and I was sad because I've never seen him so upset and I was supposed to earn it with my own money that I earned or received from gifts. So he made me wait until Christmas to open it. And it was all still awesome especially with all the accessories that everybody got me for it. James' parents got me a bag and Michael got me a memory card. James also got me a book to help me better understand my camera and know everything about it. So one step closer to building my side business. Also I have a session in January with Moody Family. It will be my first paid session. I'm really excited!

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